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If you are trying to trim your Helicopter/Cineflex filming budget, you’ve come to the right place. High quality video from a blimp seems like the perfect solution to your aerial filming needs. However, good video requires a stable platform. While a blimp has very smooth flight characteristics, it is still not adequate for great video from a rigid mounted camera. Utilizing the latest technology, FotoBlimp has developed an onboard video system using new lightweight gyro stabilizers that take the last bit of flutter out of the images resulting in a smooth clean finish.

Aerial video has many applications.

    Film and TV Production

    Sports Broadcasting

    Search and rescue

    Security, surveillance

A blimp provides a fast, cost effective means of capturing the aerial video you need. It can be set up to perform like a boom with no height limitation, provide ongoing surveillance with no interruption, or free fly over a target area to shoot the perfect scene. Our system is designed to carry a maximum 8 pound camera for professional applications.

When you need aerial video work, you should consider a smooth system that can’t suddenly fail and crash.

Please contact Fotoblimp to discuss your project and receive a quote.

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