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If a picture speaks a thousand words, an aerial photo speaks a million. Aerial photography simply provides much more information in a single shot than anything taken at grade level. While it is possible to take still photos with our RC flying blimps, we use a tethered blimp (non motorized) to maneuver the camera because it is quiet and allows more time for better framing of the photos.

Why use a blimp?

    • Completely safe – has the inertia of a beach ball, can’t crash, can be flown safely in congestion

    • Filled with Helium – an inert, non flammable gas

    • Quiet – won’t affect neighbors, wildlife, anything with ears

    • Flexible – can be maneuvered just about anywhere with the tether line

    • No limitations – can be flown at 10’ or 500’+ depending what is needed
The blimp offers ideal perspectives for residential and commercial aerial photography in addition to a wide range of other applications ranging from road planning to traffic studies to sporting events.

Because the operation is absolutely silent, we can linger for the perfect shot on location at heights ranging from 50 to 1,000 feet without disturbing the neighbors.

The extra time on site permits us to wait for ideal lighting conditions and move around the property to capture the most flattering views.

Pricing is on request, so please contact us to discuss your needs. 

What you get:

High quality aerial photos of the content you desire. We can usually shoot with 1 day’s notice but a week’s lead time is much better for picking the optimum lighting and environmental conditions.

Your high-resolution files will be burned to disc and sent out within a day. We can also email select full resolution photos if necessary. If time is of the essence, we can loan you the image card for immediate use.

Fotoblimp serves Northern Utah and beyond by using light and portable equipment.

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