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FotoBlimp can provide all of the services listed on this site and more anywhere in the world. The blimp and all associated support equipment can be easily transported by airplane to any desired location. Aside from the operations described here, a blimp system can be designed to perform just about any aerial task imaginable.

The list of possibilities includes :

    High resolution aerial photos of real estate, cityscapes, development parcels, construction progress and road layout and archeological endeavors.

    Continuous downlinked video of an outdoor event with a branded blimp

    Video surveillance at a moment’s notice just about anywhere

Fotoblimp can also provide a branded motorized remote control blimp for your event or promotion no matter where you are located. These flying blimps are very fast and specially designed to fly outdoors although they can be fitted to fly indoors as well. This type of blimp requires a skilled pilot which we provide.

We have special advertising programs for clients located in Northern Utah. In addition to the motorized blimps, we can provide a branded tether blimp (tied down with a rope), in an enclosed trailer, inflated with helium for short or long term lease. On promotions lasting longer than 1 day, the client performs the simple maintenance of putting the blimp away in the secure trailer at the end of the day and launching it again in the morning. It is a very simple process and is very cost effective.

Please contact Fotoblimp for specific pricing regarding your needs.
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