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All of the equipment used by FotoBlimp is custom made for the purpose intended. If you interested in starting a new business in the Aerial Photography, or RC motorized blimp field, or have an ongoing professional need for this type of equipment, we can help.

Fotoblimp uses only the highest quality components. The problem with shortcutting in this business is that you can’t afford a mishap on the job. Many times you have only one opportunity to show and a substandard part may leave you and your client on the ground.

Our motorized components are made by Airship Solutions , a pioneer in RC Blimp design, manufacturing, and operations. The bladders are made at the FotoBlimp factory and are sealed with a special process to minimize leakage.

All components are assembled and tested at the FotoBlimp factory to assure trouble free operation in the field.

All systems with the exception of tethered blimps require a special skill set to operate successfully. FotoBlimp provides training and support for all of its systems, including how to grown your business.

Tethered blimps (non motorized and tied to the ground) are simple yet can fly much better in windy conditions. Our tethered blimps are designed for the smoothest possible flight in the wind.

All of our blimps are built with polyurethane material for minimal helium loss and maximum longevity.

Please contact Fotoblimp and call or email with your specific needs. We will answer any questions and provide quote

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