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Imagine 2 high performance 13’ RC blimps playing cat and mouse as entertainment for your venue. These blimps are very quick and can create real crowd excitement as they face off and approach each for a near miss or head on collision. Fortunately, these airships have the inertia of a large beach ball so all they do is bounce off of each other. However, the effect is spell binding.

One exciting scenario is to brand one blimp with an opposing team’s logo. As it struts around the venue to jeers and boos, the home team blimp comes out and begins chase. The crowd immediately becomes rapt with attention. The chases include head to head high speed fly bys and other high performance air to air maneuvers. In the last scene, the home team blimp makes a “kill shot” and the helium is slowly released from the visiting blimp and it gently floats down to the surface where a cleaning crew scoops it up. In the meantime,  the home team blimp parades around the venue in a flamboyant victory flight. The crowd is guaranteed to respond enthusiastically.

This activity can be performed indoors or out.

Please contact FotoBlimp for details and pricing.
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