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Are you often faced with how to plan a party that your loved one will never forget? Or do you have a problem finding a special gift for someone that has everything? Look no further. Fotoblimp will provide a motorized flying blimp with a message of your choice on the side.

Visualize a blimp with “Happy Birthday Justin (or whomever)” on the side flying around the neighborhood as party guests arrive. After all the guests arrive, the birthday child will get a chance to fly the RC blimp with a buddy box controller if desired.

If the birthday person is a little older, we can fly the blimp around the office , worksite, over drive time traffic or anywhere we can provide the ultimate surprise.

While birthdays are perfect venues for the RC blimp, anniversaries, weddings and other celebrations can also be given a unique flair with a personalized RC blimp flying overhead. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

 Please contact FotoBlimp for details and pricing.

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