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If you’ve ever witnessed the spectacle of a large manned blimp flying overhead, you understand the thrill and excitement such a sight elicits. To much the same degree, outdoor RC blimps can produce the same emotions in a crowd because they are able to fly much lower and often appear indistinguishable from their larger cousins because of the perspective against the sky. sky.

RC airplanes have been around for many years. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that LTA (Lighter than Air) joined the ranks of the remote control aircraft. This is because LTA aerostats (blimps, balloons etc) are so large that the motors and batteries required to push them around against the wind were too heavy to also allow flight. Things have changed.

FotoBlimp along with Airship Solutions has developed a line of RC airships than can not only survive in outdoor flight but can perform much like an airplane at an air show in with its many unique maneuvers. These airships can hover in place, cruise the entire crowd at 50’ high at 3 or 20 mph, or go vertical until almost out of sight.

The hulls are made from high quality polyurethane. This material can stretch 500% and return to shape with no memory. The real benefit being that it is everything short of bulletproof. It has the inertia of a large beach ball that translates into complete safety.

These airships can be branded with special lightweight banners or printed art much like car wrap material.

With all of these capabilities, a PhotoBlimp Airship can make a profound statement at any event (indoor, outdoor or both). Whether you are promoting a concert or event, enticing clients to a sampling booth, or just wanting to promote a product over the freeway at drive time, a FotoBlimp Airship can put you in front of the audience anywhere.

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